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Return Policy

How can I get back, I'll buy online?
Bring your purchase within 28 days, or by mail (see below), your shipping instructions, as proof of purchase back.
The goods must be unused and in its original condition, including packaging and labeling.

PO Back
Complete the declaration, shipping instructions and insert them into the project. If you do not have a delivery, the following information on a piece of paper, including its project:

Name, address and telephone number
E-mail address
Order number (you can log into your account to do this)
Product Description:
The reason for the use of rear following code:

To be late
Unwanted gift

Repackaging of the project as safe as possible, and contact us for the address

Mailed at his own expense. Make sure you have a record of postage mail for free, because we are not responsible for lost or damaged in transit on the way to our project.

The refund will usually be made within 5 days of receipt of your return, but may need a little more will appear on your statement. Unless the item is found defective, we will refund the cost of the project, no shipping or delivery. This does not affect any legal rights and subject to your right to return.

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